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Grand Pacific is a direct subsidiary of Chailease Holdings Company Limited headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. A publicly traded company on the Taiwan stock exchange, the Chailease group also has numerous subsidiaries and branch locations throughout China and South East Asia, and earned over US$1.5 Billion Dollars ($50 Billion New Taiwanese Dollar) in the year ended 2018, and continues to grow. The Chailease group has consistently been ranked highly as one of the best companies to work for in Taiwan business reviews. Grand Pacific is part of this network that employs over 5,700 bright and motivated individuals. Additionally, Chailease has been active in achieving sustainable development with high social responsibility levels, with activities committed in clean energy. Below is the global network of Chailease group.


Chailease Finance Co., Ltd.
Fina Finance & Trading Co., Ltd.
Chailease Consumer Finance Co., Ltd.
China Leasing Co., Ltd.
Chailease Auto Rental Co., Ltd.
Chailease Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd.
Chailease Energy Integration Co.,Ltd.
Chailease Power Technology Co., Ltd.


Chailease Royal Leasing Plc.


Chailease International Finance Co.


Chailease Berjaya Credit Sdn.Bhd.


Chailease Berjaya Finance Corp.


Asia Sermkij Leasing Plc.

United States

Grand Pacific Financing Corporation


Chailease International Leasing Co., Ltd.