Bridge Loan Program

Time is everything when it comes to commercial real estate. With Grand Pacific on your side, you get the working capital you need. With the fast-paced nature of commercial real estate development, the slow approval channels and processes of a traditional bank loan can mean lost opportunities.

With our commercial real estate bridge loans program, you quickly get the capital you need to take advantage of lucrative opportunities. When it comes to bridge loan lending, businesses choose Grand Pacific for quick, reliable and flexible funding.

We provide financing programs for investors seeking to acquire properties with temporary low or no cash flow but are well located with high future economic potential. These properties are usually well located and show a high potential for future appreciation. Programs are also available for refinancing with or without cash out of your existing mortgage.

First Mortgage Bridge Loans on Commercial Real Estate Including:

  • Short Sales
  • Distressed and REO acquisitions
  • Recapitalizations
  • Transitional (renovation and lease up) properties

Loan Criteria:

  • Amount: $1 million to $20 million
  • Property types: Retail, Mixed-Use, Office, Multi-Family, Light Industrial/Warehouse, Single Family Residence (non-owner occupied), Special-purpose properties
  • Lending Area: California, Texas, Colorado,  Washington
  • Term: Up to 24 months
  • Interest Rate: Minimum 2.99% over WSJ Prime
  • Maximum LTV: Residential – 80% can base on Stabilized Value/Proforma Value/After-Repair Value (ARV);  Commercial – 75% can base on Stabilized Value/Proforma Value/After-Repair Value (ARV)
  • Maximum LTC: 80% based on Total Project Cost
  • Repayment: Interest Only (IO)
  • Lien Position: 1st Lien
  • Lender Loan Fee: Varies
  • DSCR: Interest Reserve Available
  • Funding may including: Purchase Cost, Refinance Cost, Rehab Cost, Interest Reserve, Tenant Improvement, Cash-Out

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