Referrals and Broker Program

At Grand Pacific, we want to work with brokers and others to build relationships based on trust. We created our referral program in order to provide your clients with opportunities for growth through significant and personalized solutions. You are welcome to submit or preview any transaction with us.

For brokers, we can structure your broker fee into our loan proceeds during the negotiation stage with the borrower. We pride ourselves on professionalism and confidentiality, and protect our brokers’ interests and reputation. Our goal is to reach acceptable solutions for all parties and to close deals.

If you know of a potential project that could use our services, please reach out to our staff to see how we may help.

Benefits of working with Grand Pacific

While working to provide our clients with the best opportunities, we are eager to offer your clients the same prospects. We welcome the opportunity to work with any broker who would like to solidify a working relationship. The benefits of establishing a relationship with us includes:

  • Essentially becoming a part of a growing company with on-going expansion
  • Obtaining access to a team of professionals skilled in providing funding for your clients
  • Working with a business that has the resources and capabilities your clients need
  • A new channel to provide companies with suitable financial solutions and quick turnaround time

If you are motivated to work hard for your customers like us, we encourage you to consider Grand Pacific in your list of loan providers, and to establish a working relationship with us. You can enjoy the benefits of working with a distinguished company committed to the success of your deals and your clients.

Our team members are available now to provide information on how to establish an on-going relationship with Grand Pacific. Feel free to fill out the contact form today for more information.