Speedy Residential Investment Loan Program

This is the perfect tool for short sales, repossessions, foreclosure purchases, quick cash-outs, or other time restrained deals. We understand that you need capital fast in these situations to quickly snatch a lucrative deal and have developed a system to close in 5-days without hard money rates and very low LTV; a simple product with a concentration on quick action and speedy funding.

Loan Criteria:

  • Amount: $750,000 to $3,500,000
  • Property types: Single Family Residence and Multi-Unit Dwellings
  • Lending Area: California
  • Term: 12-months to 18-months
  • Interest Rate: Minimum 3.75% over WSJ Prime
  • Maximum LTV: 70% As-Is Value
  • Repayment: Interest Only (IO)
  • Lien Position: 1st Lien
  • Lender Loan Fee: Varies
  • DSCR: Interest Reserve Available
  • Non-Recourse: possible for qualifying transactions
  • Funding may including: Purchase Cost, Refinance Cost, Interest Reserve, Cash-Out

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